Ypsi KingMaker

A Dream

Pip's Journal

Last night I had a strange and marvelous dream. I was in the midst of another dream of Earth when I was visited by a strange elven woman surrounded with butterflies. She told me her name was Desna and that she is the reason I am in Golarion. During her travels across the planes she witnessed my attempt to save Seras as well as my subsequent death. She was responsible for transporting my battered body to Golarion and leaving me in a forest where she knew I would be found by a group of Pathfinders.

After telling me all this, she told me to open the palm of my hand. She called one of her butterflies to land on my open hand and said, “Keep this butterfly safe. If you are ever in need of me, just call.” She then touched the side of my head and began to walk away.

I had so many questions to ask her.
“How exactly am I supposed to call you?”
“Why did you save me?”
“How did you bring me back to life?”
“What am I supposed to do in Golarion?”
“How is Seras doing?”

Desna paused and turned her head saying, “You do not merely dream. I allow you to watch over your beloved. As you grow, you will learn how to speak with her. In time, you will earn the right to return, if only for a brief time.” After saying this, Desna smiled and continued to walk away, eventually dissolving among the butterflies that surrounded her.

When I awoke I was clutching a wooden butterfly symbol of some sort. I also felt… faster and more nimble. Most curious of all, my head was swirling with all manner of words, knowledge, and information I had never known or learned.

I’m beginning to question my sanity as I recount last night’s experience in this journal entry. However, this wooden symbol confirms my dream. I’m also beginning to feel the need to put together something called a “Spell Component Pouch”… whatever that is. I guess I’ll go do that.



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