Ypsi KingMaker

Luna's Diary Entry 271

10 Gozran 4701

Looks like Talia needed some time to compose herself for the last few days before Pip and I nagged enough to continue our expedition, though now with our newfound companions Beef-shank (He’s weird) and Vencarl (Doesn’t talk about himself much but’s wizard-y so… also weird).

We found the Moon Radishes that Beef-shank (He’s weird) and Carlos were seeking but they were already claimed by a group of Kobolds. After negotiations broke down due to some impatience on Beef-shank’s part (He’s overly passionate… and weird), we claimed the Moon Radishes afterwards. Trying to preserve as much life as possible, I attempted to only knock out the Kobolds, but alas one of them died due to a slip of my weapon. I need to train more.

We rested at Oleg’s a few times to handle some inventory and ration issues before venturing forth some more. Beef-shank (He’s weird) and I had a rather embarrassing encounter trying to fish to increase our food stock… but we didn’t succeed (at even finding the fishing hole) but I’m going to stop talking about it and never mention it to the rest of them.

There was also some interesting encounters with the Fey (they don’t listen to me despite my insistence that I was their friend, but story of my life I guess) and a Fairy Dragon in particular, and that was also um…. embarrassing in its own right. Fey will be Fey, and sometimes you are the joke that they are laughing at.

A more interesting development is that recently we encountered more of the same bandits that attacked Oleg’s. It also seems my suspicions regarding the bandits are confirmed and it is troubling. The bandits in the area seem to be getting organized by a mysterious leader going by the title “The Stag Lord.”. What an utter blasphemy towards Erastil!!! We managed to acquire the location of a nearby base for the bandits, that we make a move on soon to get to the bottom of this.

Also, Beef-shank sent an interesting gift back home in the form of a half-eaten Moon Radish (don’t eat them) wrapped in a letter written in fingerpaint. …Did I mention he’s weird?



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