Ypsi KingMaker

Pip's Log

Past few days have been fairly relaxing and devoid of life-threatening danger.

After spending a week contemplating how to convince Beefshank to hand over the headband, I came up with a solution. I offered to cast Ironbeard on Beefshank during combat in exchange for the headband. He agreed and now our Magus is back to his original level of intelligence.

After heading back to Oleg’s to purchase horses, we began to explore the wilderness per the charter. We quickly happened upon a small band of kobolds collecting moon radishes. After negotiations went sour, we defeated the kobolds in combat and took the radishes (77 in all). Carlos paid us a princely sum of 200 gold as well as a bottle of moonshine for our trouble.

During our travels to the west of Oleg’s we came into contact with a Faerie Dragon who played a series of non-malicious pranks on us. I do not feel the need to further discuss these events.

Finally, we came across a bandit camp. We swiftly defeated six bandits after waiting in ambush. We questioned the survivors and learned of the whereabouts of a bandit leader in a nearby camp. We push to investigate tomorrow.



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