Ypsi KingMaker

Session One

Talia's Journal

28 Calistril 4701

I received a charter a few days ago requesting my services in the Greenbelt. This wasn’t a task I wanted to go through alone, so I enlisted a few traveling companions, Iroas and Pip. We are to head to Oleg’s Trading Post and deal with their bandit problem. The Swordlord’s will also be sending a few guards their way, but that’ll take a while.

We plan to head out to Oleg Leveton’s as in about after gathering supplies.

11 Pharast 4701

After a fairly long trek, we’ve arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post today. I discovered that Pip and Iro (as he prefers to be called) aren’t very talkative. It was a quiet trip, but a pleasant one. I admire their ability and believe they’ll be great allies.

Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton are very appreciative of our services. I’d been here for trading previously, but never knew they were quite so hospitable. They fed us, and we’ve taken up in their guest house. The couple expects the bandits will arrive tomorrow, so we’ll be waking at an ungodly hour and intercept them. I’m fully prepared for a fight, but we’ll try talking first.

12 Pharast 4701

Damn it. Consider the bandits handled, but I was pretty badly injured. I’ll likely take the next few days to rest.

There were four bandits, and they weren’t really in the mood to talk. The battle started quickly, and I found my allies to be invaluable. After taking them down, we found two days worth of food on their person, which leads us to believe that their camp is about two days away. We anticipate another, possibly larger wave of bandits within the next few days when these guys don’t return.



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