Ypsi KingMaker

Session Two

Talia's Journal

15 Pharast 4701

All rested from our battle with the bandits, my companions and I decide to explore a bit around Oleg’s; get a feel of the land, map it out a bit, and chat with some of the travelers about their bandit experiences. We didn’t learn very much from them, but it was not a wasted trip by any means.

People Encountered: Hilda & Carlos Undar.

17 Pharast 4701

Never have I encountered an individual so difficult to tolerate in my 125 years of living. Today, a man named Bokken arrived at Oleg’s. He makes potions, and seems very useful and likely has good intentions, but his timing is suspicious. This is around the time when we expected bandits to come, but there was just him. Him and his crazy keep going on about an animal he refers to as “snarlzies.” It’s probably a bear. He wants us to kill these bears.

My companions and I have vacated the guest house and have cleaned out two towers. We’re sleeping in our tents in north-west corner. It’s cramped, but we typically keep watch of Oleg’s in shifts, so there are only two of us at a time.

The guards also arrived today! Their leader is Kesten Garess, and he has three men. They’re staying in tents near the stable. They seem capable enough.

People Encountered: Bokken, Kesten Garess, three nameless guards.

19 Pharast 4701

After the guards arrived, Bokken decided that he simply could not wait any longer to head home. He had potions brewing, of course, and he couldn’t leave them to burn. Iro, Pip and I headed out with him to help out with his bear problem. The journey took half of the day. We camped out outside of his hut, and woke early to go bear hunting.

Bokken pointed us in the direction of his old friend Sven’s home. Sven has since passed, but the “snarlzies” (bears) had taken up in his barn. We killed them (them being not bears, but thylacines) only to find three thylacine pups. I… couldn’t kill them, so we put them in a barrell to bring back.

We ended up checking out Sven’s old place. That is not a good place. There’s a freaky faceless woman in the house who is believed to be Sven’s wife, Bell. By the time I got over there, Iro was sprinting for his life away from the house. I shot an arrow at her, and it went straight though her body. That was concerning. She then started screaming. Further concern. We left immediately.

Bokken gave us a few potions (two of the healsies, two for the coldsies, and two for… animal hidesies?). On our way back to Oleg’s, we encountered another trapper. He identified the pups for us. Maybe I’ll have to kill them.

Back at Oleg’s, the guards informed us that it had been quiet. They’d had no bandit activity and seem to have relaxed their guard. It’s been a long few days, so we’ll be resting up and possibly doing some exploring soon. Those bandits should be here any day now…

People Encountered: Ghost of Bell, Polo the Trapper.


Great notes, Boss.

That was my first time treating arrow wounds… I’m glad Elves’ physiology is similar to Humans’ ‘cuz I wasn’t really sure what I was doing…

Session Two

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