An explanation of Golarion dates can be found here.

21st of Kuthona, 4699 AR

  • King Noleski ascends to the royal throne of Brevoy.

24th of Calistril, 4701 AR

  • The Swordlords of Restov issue a charter to Talia Revven to explore the region known as the Greenbelt. Talia contracted the assistance of Pip and Iroas in her endeavor.

11th of Pharast, 4701 AR

12th of Pharast, 4701 AR

  • The Party defeats a gang of bandits.

15th of Pharast, 4701 AR

16 of Pharast, 4701 AR

17th of Pharast, 4701 AR

18th-19th of Pharast, 4701

  • The Party travel’s to Bokken‘s hut and then clear’s out a pack of Thylacine for him.


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